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Michael Crawford Funerals - Terms of Payment

The first payment of third party fees / disbursements is requested prior to the date of the funeral.

The final account is posted within 7 days of the funeral. Payment is due within 14 days from the

receipt of the account and can be made by cash, cheque or direct deposit.



The funeral service account comprises three separate components.


1. Michael Crawford Funerals Professional Service Fee

Encompasses all the many varied and individual tasks and services generally involved in planning,

arranging and conducting the funeral service according to personal instructions.


2. Third Party Fees / Disbursements

These fees are paid out to other party’s in order to facilitate and carry out the funeral service in accordance

with the personal instructions received. These fees and charges include, but are not limited to:

- Cemetery or Crematorium Fees

- Celebrant or Clergy Fees

- Floral Casket Tributes

- Press Notices

- Medical Certificate Required for Cremation

- Coffin or Casket

- Registered Death Certificate

- Catering / Refreshments 

- Venue Hire Fees

- Any Associated Church Fees

- Printing

- Musician / Vocalist/ Organist Fees

3. Federal Government Goods and Service Tax

The GST is Applicable and Payable on all Michael Crawford Funerals Fees and on the supply of any related products and services that are requested.

Credit Card Surcharge

A surcharge applies to all credit card payments to cover merchant fees.

These fees are incurred by the bank when we accept credit card payments.

The following rates apply:

Card Type:

Visa                 1.0%

MasterCard      1.0%

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