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Privacy Policy



Michael Crawford Funerals is committed to protecting the privacy of our client families. 
Any personal information or details given to us by our client families are entrusted into our care at Michael Crawford Funerals and will only be used to fulfil our duties for the arrangement and co-ordination of the funeral service of their loved one, or when legally required.
Any information will be treated as strictly confidential by all staff at Michael Crawford Funerals.
During a funeral arrangement personal information from our client families and the deceased is collected by the funeral director. Details of the deceased that need to be collected - if known - include names, date of birth, place of birth, place of death, usual address, occupation, marital details, children's information, and parents details.
This information of the deceased is used in order to fulfil our duties and legal requirements:
1. Register the death of the deceased through the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.
2. Application of Death Certificate.
3. When claims for payments or compensation are made to other government or organisations we may need to provide information about the deceased in order to assist the family.
Any information about the circumstances of the deceased death will not be provided to any party other than personally to the immediate family involved in the funeral arrangements or next of kin.
We will not provide any information about family members of deceased to people enquiring by telephone, letter, etc. This includes names, contact numbers or addresses. If required we can collect details and forward on a message to the appropriate family member's.
If a Private Funeral is arranged, we will not provide any service or funeral details to anyone enquiring.
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