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How to write a Death Notice

A death notice is to inform people of the passing of your loved one with details of when they passed 

and the family members they belong to. There are many ways to write a death notice, and the staff at Michael Crawford Funerals are willing to help and guide you through personally.

Below are some examples of what you may like to include in a notice.

(Keep in mind you do not have to use all examples given and not all may be applicable.)

You might also like to have a look at the Herald Sun Verse book.

                                                                                               Click this link >

  • Date of birth & date of death

  • Age

  • Place of death 

  • Spouse

  • Children 

  • In laws  

  • Grandchildren

  • Great Grandchildren

  • Parents (If deceased use dec.)

  • Closing words or verse (Examples below)

      or you may have your own special words





Date of birth - Date of death

Aged ____

Loved husband / wife of ______

Loved father / mother of ______

Loved grandfather / grandmother of _______

Forever in our hearts


*The use of words you may also like to think about.

(Loved, dearly loved, cherished, treasured, adored, proud)

   Closing words:


  • R.I.P / Rest in peace

  • Forever in our hearts

  • Loved and remembered always

  • Cherished Memories

  • Treasured memories

  • Till we meet again

  • Sleeping peacefully

  • So dearly loved, so sadly missed

  • In God's care

  • Remembered with love

  • Mum and Dad reunited

  • At rest

  • We will never forget you

  • Goodbye my darling

  • Thanks for the memories

  • One of natures true gentlemen 

  • God has you in his keeping, we have you in our hearts

  • Love does not end

  • Peace at last

  • Always remembered



You had a smile for everyone

you had a heart of gold

you left behind the memories

that we will always hold.


Death will not part us, or distance divide

Forever and always you will be by our side.


You never failed to do your best

your heart was true and tender

you simply lived for those you loved

and those you loved remember.


To hear your voice, to see you smile,

to sit and talk to you a while,

to be together in the same old way

would be our greatest wish today.


It's not what we write,

it's not what we say,

it's how we remember you

in our own special way.


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