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Personal & Family Profile Record


During a Funeral Arrangement, personal and family information is collected from the family by the funeral director. This information is legally required for the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the registrar of the deceased. This information is also used along with medical records to apply for and receive a full Death Certificate regarding your loved one.


Please click on the form to get a copy of the Registration of Death Form.

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Preferred Funeral Arrangements 

Another good idea is to have a personal record of preferred Funeral Arrangements.

This information can be very helpful to your loved ones in the event of a death, especially if unexpected. This information will help clear the minds of your loved ones and help them have a much better idea of what sort of funeral you might like.

It will help with decision making and relieve a lot of stresses that come along with arranging a funeral. 


This information includes your preferences of:

- Burial or Cremation

- Location of Burial / Cremation

-  Preferred Minister or Civil Celebrant

- Type of flowers for your Coffin / Casket

and many other details.


Please click on the form to get a copy of the Preferred Funeral Arrangments.

You might like to print and record details for your family's future reference.

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