Ian McDonald

Wednesday 06.07.2022 - commencing at 2:00pm

(Live Streaming will start approx. 15 mins before service commences)


The Live Streaming feature is heavily reliant on the quality of your internet connection.

​If the live stream is not working for you, try the following:

  • Refresh Your Browser.

  • Try on a different device if possible.

  • Check that you have strong connection to the internet.

Tips for best experience while watching:

  • If you are connected via WiFi, please make sure that you are close to your modem/router to maintain a strong and constant connection.

  • Make sure that nobody else on your internet connection is downloading anything while the Service is live.

  • Older computers/devices may not be 100% compatible with the streaming platform.

Michael Crawford Funerals takes no responsibility.

We strive to fulfil this service to the best of our ability but we cannot guarantee a flawless system. Possible hindrances that may arise that are beyond our control:

  • Power Outages.

  • Glitches/Bugs within the system.

  • Telecommunication/Internet Outages

  • Audio Failures.